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Taiji 37, also called Nanpai or Southern School Taiji, is a collection of standing postures, the original techniques from which most modern Tai Chi Forms and styles have developed.  

This site will help you to find out about Taiji 37, what Taijiquan is and how it works,                   why it can help you and how, where and when you can study it.


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Taiji 37 - Standing Postures

Learning the Taiji 37 Form: Regular Classes in Surrey

Qigong ( Chi Kung): The basic mechanics of Taijiquan


E-Mei Qigong

Spontaneous Movement


Specialist Workshops and Classes

What Taijiquan and  Qigong can do for you

History and Origins

Taiji Principles

Master Shen Jin

Paul Brewer

Dr. Shen Hongxun

SHropshire Group 2

Taiji 37 Course Photo - Shropshire 1994

Taiji 37 is a direct, original and authentic route to better health, longevity, vigour and happiness, as well as to a greater level of understanding of Taiji forces in the practice of Taijiquan and the ability to utilise Qi in any field. 

It is also enjoyable to practice, and you don't need a uniform ;-)

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