Shen Jin

Taiji & QiGong Master Shen Jin

Shen Jin was nine when she began to study taijiquan and Qi Gong with her father Dr. Shen Hongxun, the founder of Taijiwuxigong, Buqi and Tianshan style Taijiquan. She graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Qian Jin College of Continuing Education, and by the age of 21 began teaching and became the youngest female Master in the history of Qigong. She has been teaching Taijiwuxigong, the 12 E Mei Daoyin and Taijiquan TianShan style (medium and small stance) for over thirty years in Europe and is the principal teacher and director of the Buqi Institute.  

In 1957 one of China’s leading Qi Gong Masters, a TCM Doctor called Zhou Qianchuan, published the only known book on E Mei. The classical Chinese poetic text was very hard to understand. He taught E Mei to a small group of students in Beijing and Shanghai from 1955-1957, before his death from political persecution. After the cultural revolution Shen Jin studied E Mei with his assistant,  Master Sun Jingtao. She also studied with Pai Wen, a female student of Zhou Qianchua, and she is one of the few E Mei teachers in the world.

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